Francesca has been working in the production area since 1988. She managed the Condè Nast studios in Milan for 2 years and worked as producer for a leading photographer's agency in Milan. In 1991 she became freelance location scout and production manager and after few years established ItalyPhotoProduction. She comes from Rome where she presently lives.
Francesca has also been teaching Photography and Production in a leading Italian Photography school. In one of her classes she met Piero who soon became her business partner.

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Born the same year as Escape from New York was released, Piero is a curious traveller, a versatile professional and an impeccable planner.

He started his early career as a photographer assistant, and now, as production manager, he enjoys creating great working relationships between the crew and crossing cultural boundaries.

Piero has lived in Rome since 2000, but has never been able to stay too far away from the sea: now, from time to time, you can see him sailing with a smile on his face.

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